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Adored Conference 2013

When the women gather… sisters are supported, friendship is refreshed, and joy is restored. At Adored 2013, an environment is being prepared to inspire giggles and tears, transparency and power. Our prayer is not only that you will collide with love and laughter but find nourishment for your soul - that your delight will be found in your magnificent Creator who adores you beyond measure. Only in His presence do we find FULLNESS of joy and “play-sures” forevermore.

Andi has 4 crazy amazing children (Ezekiel, Jesse, Finley and Samuel) and one awesome husband named Paul. together Paul and andi pastor a growing church in New York City that they planted two years ago called Liberty Church. She loves 80s music, spontaneous dance parties, and food . .all food. She is passionate about releasing the truth of the word of God and seeing people from every sphere of life walk in complete freedom.

Together with her husband Kevin, Beth co-pastors the Living room. She enjoys creative writing, leading worship, outdoor adventures and above all, time spent with family.

She balances being a mom of a married rockstar son, a teenage diva daughter and a wild and wonderful toddler, who she believes is God’s humorous way of granting her “empty nest” prevention. She’s a gifted teacher whose transparency and light-heartedness will make you feel like a life-long friend.

Marilyn and her husband Gary give leadership to watoto church, a community church in Kampalauganda with over 20,000 people gathering each week. Together they founded Watoto Childcare Ministries, as well as the world-touring Watoto children’s choir. In addition to championing the cause of the orphaned child, Marilyn is committed to restoring dignity to HIV+ women, left to bear the brunt of AIDS, war and social injustice. More than 2,100 women have experienced an improved quality of life through Living Hope, which Marilyn founded in 2008. Marilyn is a passionate speaker, encouraging women all around the world to stand up against all forms of injustice. Through her inspiration, women from all walks of life and faith are mobilized to work together to make this world a better place.

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    The Living Room Church
    50 Monroe St
    Martinsburg, WV 25404

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